It’s not what you think. It isn’t. It’s not because you’re balding, your teeth or crooked, you don’t make very much money, or, even, that you still live with your mom. It’s something else entirely. Women are attracted to men who APPEAR to be able to take care of them. It doesn’t even matter if they actually have the resources to take care of themselves, much less a woman, it just matters how they come across.

Scientifically speaking, our species has survived because of basic

Darwinism – survival of the fittest. Human beings are hard wired in certain ways. We are drawn to mates who look like they will win the natural selection game. Going back thousands of years, we know that early man and woman chose to mates who looked the most capable – that’s how our species survived, and thrived!

So, cut to the 21st century. Women don’t know it, but they’re still looking for the guy that can club a scary dinosaur to death. It’s natural.

The irony is, very often the guys who are genuinely capable of taking care of a wife and family, are not the ones who look that way. They may be regular, old working guys, with college degrees, and, not necessarily, rock hard abs. That’s OK. It’s not even the washboard abs that broadcast to women that a man is one of the «fittest». For instance, my mother fell in love with my dory, engineer, father when, on a picnic with several couples in the mountains, he shimmied up a tall tree to get kindling to build a fire. He showed himself able to survive, to keep the species going, to keep my mother warm

How does this manifest for you – a great guy, who may, or may not have caveman qualities. It’s simple: in every possible situation, be the guy in the room, or the car, or the baseball field, who has (or does) what it takes to win. There are a lot of ways to do this. If you’re not the biggest home run hitter, then you’re the guy who everybody depends on for support – a team captain type of guy. If you’re not the best salesman in the office, you’re the guy who knows the most – who has done his homework and can be there for every problem, every issue that needs a solution. If you’re not the guy who is the slickest at the club, you’re the guy who keeps his head, doesn’t drink too much, and is able to make sure everyone, not only has a good time, but gets home safe.

In short. Step up. Be a man.